Preventative Maintenance

Protect Your Investment

Twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall, we will visit your residence and inspect your cooling and heating unit. This preventative maintenance scheduling will detect problems before they occur and promote a more efficient unit for your home.

The following is included in the Preventative Maintenance Service Contract:

  • Reducing costly repairs   

  • Increasing efficiency during cooling months

  • Maintaining a clear drain line

  • Up to 1 lb. of Freon is added for free per visit

  • Checking air ducts/system for leaks

  • Notifying the customer of seasonal promotions, which include:

Air duct sanitizing

Air Purification Systems


UV lights

Other upgrades

Yearly Price  $139 


Customers with service contracts have priority during emergency situations!

We accept all major credit cards:


Master Card

American Express